Welcome to Twisted Rooster Bar!

where everything is twisted...

Happy Hour specials 5pm to 8pm Wednesday through Saturday.

Best in Melbourne Nightlife! Featuring Weekly Live Entertainment. Never a cover!

21+ only. Sorry youngsters.

House-infused seasonal liquors. Freshly squeezed citrus for your cocktails (Lemons, Limes, Oranges and Grapefruits)

Smoking area available outside. Hookah smoking available.

Great place to go dancing! Bring your friends and dance the night away!

Everyone is welcome! Gay, straight or something in between. #loveislove

Package service to take home with you.

Outdoor lounge areas also.

Military, Veterans, First Responders, and West Melbourne City Hall Employees, will always enjoy 10% off with valid Military ID, Veteran ID or Employment ID.

At Twisted Rooster we are committed to providing our guests with a high level of service and entertainment value. This philosophy is at the core of everything we do. The people that come into our bar are considered guests rather than "customers" or "numbers". And, as with guests in our home, we knock ourselves out to make them feel welcome. We welcome you to our party!

Twisted Sundays

can you even handle the triple D?
Sunday's 12pm to 9pm. Featuring Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys. Stop by and check out the party!




Twisted Reviews

Twisted things people say...
  • 5 star ratingBest bar around!!!!!!! Great service, Great atmosphere, exemplary staff. Traveled here from North Carolina. Wish this bar was back home. Absolutely nothing negative to say. Trust me I can be a critic and this place is impeccable!!!!!!!!

    You would be missing out if you did not visit this bar!!!

    Lee G. Avatar
    Lee G.

    Cannot wait for this place to open! This is going to be one of the best additions to Brevard county. Get ready to be Twisted! 💜❤️🧡💛💚💙

    Kristy Ann Avatar
    Kristy Ann
  • This place is truly becoming one of my favorites! The lineup of entertainment from week to week, the atmosphere and the DJ’s have you dancing the night away with some of the best mixes of music! Come check it out and get T-W-I-S-T-E-D!!!!!!

    Clint Parrish Avatar
    Clint Parrish

    Great atmosphere with a great staff.

    Larry Knoblauch Avatar
    Larry Knoblauch
  • A place where all people, of all types, from all walks of like can come together, and get twisted!!!

    Amazing staff, great drinks, and an entertainment lineup you won’t want to miss. This is a must try.

    Jeffrey Leggee Avatar
    Jeffrey Leggee

    Nice person opening this place, and great staff

    Garrett Livezey Avatar
    Garrett Livezey
  • Best DJs and drinks in town!

    Kim Santiago Avatar
    Kim Santiago

    Fandamntastic! Linda made some spectacular tequila drinks for us. We'll be back, for sure!

    Jane Pettey Avatar
    Jane Pettey
  • All inclusive vibe, love this place ! Great staff... Jimit ( thank you ) introduced himself and made us feel really welcome , super friendly staff and great drink specials !!! Melbourne was in need of a place like this ! 🌈

    Chu Ck Avatar
    Chu Ck

    Absolutely going to be the place to be once it opens!!!!! Everyone has put there heart into making this bar stand out as one of the best in Brevard

    Daniel Fuller Avatar
    Daniel Fuller
  • Classiest gay bar that's ever existed in this county!! Putting Melbourne on the map finally!!!!

    Cody Jethro Avatar
    Cody Jethro

    Yes . After cold keg was gone .. we never had a bar to call home and I’m so proud to call this my new home ❤️ I’m gonna have to get used to it just cause of my anxiety but all around it’s amazing . I love the designs and even though there drinks are pricy , it’s still good 💙 thanks for having me cry the other night as well just cause I love you guys and the way you run things over there & no cover ??? Yessss queen ❤️💜 love you guys ☺️

    Courtney Renee Sylvester Avatar
    Courtney Renee Sylvester
  • great bartenders lots of fun.. great music..

    Daniel Wilkey Avatar
    Daniel Wilkey

    Amazing ambiance, fantastic staff, great overall experience.

    Charles Jason DeVary Avatar
    Charles Jason DeVary
  • Friendly staff, awesome drinks and absolutely fabulous music! Let’s dance!

    Vickie Raposa Avatar
    Vickie Raposa

    Absolutely wonderful staff, friendly bartenders, great sound system, cool place to mix, mingle in and outside!!

    Scott Robert Avatar
    Scott Robert
  • How exciting! This is going to be a fun happening place to be!

    Judy Karman Avatar
    Judy Karman

    Amazing place. Great entertainment and awesome people.

    Nicholle Chandler Avatar
    Nicholle Chandler
  • Fabulous entertainers they have been bringing in

    Josh Lengel Avatar
    Josh Lengel

    Best bar around!!!!!!! Great service, Great atmosphere, exemplary staff. Traveled here from North Carolina. Wish this bar was back home. Absolutely nothing negative to say. Trust me I can be a critic and this place is impeccable!!!!!!!!

    Matthew Lee Hurst Avatar
    Matthew Lee Hurst

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